Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday evening on the terrace

I have just been sitting out on the terrace after a day of gardening.   Sitting quietly, letting my mind drift and watching things grow.  Today has been a beautiful day here, not too hot and now - about 8:30pm  it's just about 20/22c (70F)... very pleasant.

The sun is getting lower in the evening sky and I watched as golden sunbeams played in the trees.  The dominant tree, of course, is the one I recently wrote a piece about called scary tree, although I must admit, I've now come round to thinking that it's not at all scary and, actually, is a beautiful tree.

There are a pair of red squirrels which live in it but I haven't seem them this evening..  and of course many birds come and go.

I was sitting there, doing nothing in particular and thinking how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place.   The sunbeams made a wonderful golden patchwork across the garden and off into the countryside beyond. There was little noise, the birds having silenced for the night, the sound of a distant lorry climbing the hill on the main road south and an occasional motorbike screeching along, with it's engine going far faster than it was ever designed for, so that it's young rider can get an extra mile or two per hour but use 4 or 5 times the fuel and wear out the mechanics 4 or 5 times as fast.

It was beautifully peaceful and I sat there for a good 20 minutes, maybe 1/2 an hour just soaking it all up...  I wanted to come in and share it with you all... but I didn't want to leave it as it would surely go as the sun set...  so I took my time and spoiled myself a little and then I  came in and spoiled myself a bit more by sharing it with you all.....

But I want to bring you all here....  I want you to be able to share the simple experiences that give me so much pleasure, like the one I have just been enjoying.  I find these times incredibly powerful and they are able to calm me beautifully.

So, come here later this month, for Kitchen Garden day, or again in August next year or come to the KGI global event in September next year, and let me share these magical moments with you.

If you'd like to come and I don't already know, then just leave a comment with a contact and I'll be in touch...   Hope to see you here.

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