Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Summer's here


sunflowers 0808

The first fields of sunflowers are appearing in this part of France and I always take this as a very special symbol of the arrival of summer.

Today, when I took this photo, the weather was a bit overcast, as you can see, so the flowers have not all oriented in the same direction, but I'm always fascinated at the way the heads turn towards the sun.

Fields of sunflowers, to me, symbolise summer here in southern France and it is always a delight when they appear.

The French name for them is "tournesol", which literally translates as "turn to the sun".


Maggie said...

What an amazing field of sunflowers.
Pattie showed us Atlanta sunflowers a few weeks ago.
We grew sunflowers one year but I have never seen a whole paddock of sunflowers, it must be an amazing sight.
A good mate of mine, Van Gough, was fascinated by them.
Enjoy summer Ian.

chaiselongue said...

This is the picture of summer in south-west France - beautiful, and I like to see the subversive ones that haven't all turned the same way! It's so good to see more and more pictures on your blog now, Ian!

Ian said...

Thank you both for the comments. Maggie, this afternoon I drove to our village, about 5 kms (3miles)and I counted 10 fields of Sunflowers mostly about the same size as in my photo but at least one was much larger. I'm working out how to link to some photos so you can see them.
Chaiselongue, I liked those ones as well, it was one of the reasons I chose that picture....