Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kitchen Garden Day 2008


Sunday is Kitchen Garden Day... and here we are expecting about 20 people to celebrate it with us.

As this is France we thought we would celebrate in the traditional way so we are having a meal.    Our meal will be in the garden at midday on Sunday and everybody who is

coming is either bringing something made with produce from their own garden or something farmed locally.  A neighbour has provided some wine made from his own grapes and "My Friend Bernard" is also providing some wine.

I had my first full day in the garden today for several weeks...  and realised what a mess it had  become....I wonder how much tidying up I can get done by Sunday......


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chaiselongue said...

I'm really sorry we're going to miss this, Ian. Have a great party! I'm sure you will. Looking forward to meeting you soon.