Tuesday, August 12, 2008


It's been a funny old week here in South West France....

Summer is truly here and the sunflowers are out as I mentioned the other day.  In fact , that's one of the funny old things.... 

I had to take the car to our local village the other day and on the way I stopped and took the photos that I posted on Summer's here and subsequently in the photo album.

It was just about midday, a week ago, when I took those photos and, as I commented at the time,when I got back to the car the thermometer read 45C (113F).  A bit hot for this part of the world!

This morning I had to pop out again to another village and the the clock at the pharmacy read just before noon.... the thermometer that alternated with the clock read 19C(67F).... so much change in just a few days.

But as I said, Summer is here....

One of the things I like about summer is the way it brings out love in everyone and everything...  Spring is supposed to be the season of love.... but I believe it's summer, especially here in the South West France...

The doves play noisily in the trees, just like young lovers, flitting from tree to tree, sometimes apparently trying to hide their true mission, the squirrels on the ground chase each other across and around the park, up one tree and down another, making death defying leaps between the two. little lizards, geckos, run up and down vertical walls and even run across  the ceiling in gravity defying antics whilst chirping their love for each other.

In the town, vast numbers of tourists have arrived to take a moment out of their lives and enjoy their own love. Young couples with babies, taking their first holiday together and unashamedly enjoying the love they share.  Older couples, some meeting for the first time after a whirlwind romance are wandering the streets and alleyways, arm in arm, and hundreds of other couples of all ages just enjoying being together, one with the other.

Then, this time of year is the time for parties.  We went to a party last Saturday night where we enjoyed great company, great food and a great game of cricket with a group of people, all in love with someone and ranging in age from 15 to 75.  Next week I'm going to another party with another set of friends and I shall again enjoy being in love and being with people in love....

As the song says... how do you measure a year? Measure it in love.  Remember a year in the life of friends, Remember the love! (Lyrics from Seasons of Love (the Movie "Rent")

I seem to be completely enveloped in love at this time of year and it seems to carry me right through the summer and into autumn.  Just very nice.... I can't think of a better word... lovely maybe!!!!!!

Share love, give love spread love
Measure measure your life in love.

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