Sunday, August 31, 2008

KG Day Cocktail, 2008



Several people have asked me for the recipe for the Crystal Blue Cocktail, I served at Kitchen Garden Day, 2008 and I'm pleased to pass it on...

The recipe is given by volume so use any measuring cup to produce the amount you think you will drink!!!!  There are a total of 14 units of measure in the recipe....

2 Tequila
2 White Rum
1 Blue Curacao
1 Cane Sugar Syrup
8 Schweppes Tonic
Be careful though.
The drink is very pleasant but all that Schweppes can give you a false sense of security....

I hope you enjoy it....

There are a lot more photos from the KG Day 2008 event in our web album.  Just follow the photos link in the sidebar.

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Kate said...

I am hoping your neighbour may be able to knock up one of these for me to try soon!