Thursday, July 24, 2008

Scary Tree

We had some friends visiting a few weeks ago, they are a lovely couple who run a pubfir tree in the UK.

They were here for about a week and spent a lot of time in the garden, sitting, reading, sunbathing, wandering about and just generally relaxing.

One evening, we were chatting and the girl suddenly said "I love the garden but I'm not very keen on 'scary tree'!"

I wasn't aware that we had a scary tree so I pressed for an explanation. 

It turns out that the biggest fir tree in the garden was "scary tree".  It has some big limbs fairly low down and they come more or less horizontally out from the trunk.   In the photo, you can see one of them.

In the wind they move up and down a bit and appear to be beckoning - hence the name - scary tree.

I thought of this again the other day and mentioned it to another friend who is much more at one with nature and likes the idea of talking to the animals...

She said:  I think that tree sounds like a loving tree, with its arms outstretched and whispering sweet nothings in the breeze....

So let me know  -  is it Scary Tree or Loving Tree - I know which I have chosen!


Kate said...

A loving tree - I like that. Nothing could be less scary than a tree....ask all the birds and animals that live in and around it. My mother has a tree she calls the apartment because so many birds nest in its dense foliage!

Cassie said...
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chaiselongue said...

I think it looks beautiful. I love old trees and this one is a lovely shape. As for the arms - yes, beckoning maybe, but in a kind way. Apart from accommodating animals and birds, trees like this give shade in summer, shelter in the rain. How lucky you are to have space for such a tree!