Friday, July 11, 2008


I was reading around the world in blogs this morning and I came across Kate's post in South Australia  A Country called Blog .  I read it and thought what a fantastic idea.  In the post she says:

Maybe we should all become a separate, virtual country with our own common sense laws which encourage the growing and cooking of food and the sharing of everything in the spirit of that beautiful song 'Imagine' by John Lennon. Maybe in this way we could instigate some overdue changes to show how a civilisation could be a place of collaboration and harmony, caring and sharing, all with an overarching theme of making the earth and the world a natural and life-enriching place to just be.....wouldn't that be wonderful!

Kate often says things that set my imagination rolling along, laughing and smiling or angry and sad, and this was definitely a laughing and smiling post .  There are so many problems throughout the world, yet here in the community of bloggland, a lot of us seem to be facing in the same direction regardless of national and international boundaries.  I reread the post and then went off in search of Patties piece which Kate had linked to.

Pattie is in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and her blog post   When All the Brokenhearted People Living in the World Agree  was on a similar theme, thinking about ways of that people around the world can connect.   Pattie had also linked to a truly wonderful video which really shows just what is possible if we each put our mind to doing something about it  Play the video on Patties post, I'm not linking to it here, because I want you to go off and read her piece.

Adelaide, South Australia,  Atlanta, Georgia, and here in Bergerac, France, right the way round the planet and we are all finding different ways of connecting with people, but the important thing is, that we are all connecting across the globe, that we are all facing in a similar direction, that we are all trying to find ways of treading lightly on this planet and leaving it a better place than it is right now.

I hope we are successful in spreading the word and that between us we make enough difference for our planet to start to recover.

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