Saturday, July 19, 2008

Some new potatoes


P1010042 Back on 13th March, I planted a row of potatoes, they had been chitting since the 3rd February in the workshop behind glass.  I had actually used about 10 small potatoes that had started shooting in the vegetable basket

Today, we dug them up!!

The first two out of the ground made promises that the rest of the crop couldn't deliver.  I was a little disappointed at the crop of just over 2 kgs (about 5 lbs.) but the real benefit was the huge improvement to the soil in the bed.


I guess, for a few potatoes that were destined for the compost heap, 5lbs of nice looking new potatoes and a lot of good soil isn't too bad a deal.

We're going to eat the first ones at a dinner on Tuesday night, I'll tell you what they are like!!!

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