Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fresh Tomatoes

The sun has at last come to south west France and for several days now we have been enjoying temperatures in the lower to mid thirties.

My tomato plants all have plenty of fruit on them and the young tomatoes are now beginning to ripen in the sunshine.  Today, I picked my first tomato this year.  It is a local variety called Marmande.

This one is about 2" (50mm) diameter although there are some much larger fruit ripening on the vine.   I also have a couple of red cherry  tomato plants and a golden cherry tomato plant with a lot of fruit which will be ripening very soon.



chaiselongue said...

congratulations on the first tomato, Ian! I expect it tastes delicious. We have some marmande plants, too, they're a variety which do well here and have lots of large fruits. We've found everything is about 2 weeks later this year, but at last it's all beginning to ripen!!!

Kate said...

How lovely to have your first tomato of the summer, I can imagine the first bite...delicious.

Nice photo Ian!