Friday, June 27, 2008

Some gorgeous wildlife photos

We had our neighbours over for dinner last night with a friend from Australia.
Michael and Mary and live in a beautiful house not far from us and their land adjoins ours.

He took these badger photos reently just outside our garden. There were two badgers playing.

I'd cooked a simple french style meal comprising aperitifs on the terrace, then charcuterie (cold meats) followed by a simple salad with a herb and olive oil vinaigrette. The main course was chicken breast baked in a creme fraiche and white wine sauce with mushrooms and garlic and it was served with thin French beans. Then there was cheese followed by fresh strawberries - like I said a simple French style meal!

During the evening our discussion got around to wildlife photography and once again we were treated to some of Michael’s stunning photographs.

I think this might be the best badger photo I have ever seen

Michael has been shooting wildlife photos for many years now and I am always thrilled when my email inbox reveals another note from Michael with one or more attachments of his latest catch.I have often said that Michael ought to get his photo’s out on the internet as they are too good for him to keep them to himself.

Another stunning photo, this time of a cirl bunting.

Later on the conversation moved on to this blog and I explained it in some depth. I had been hoping that Michael might bite the bullet and create a blog for his photographs. However, that was not to be. He continued, all evening, to explain that for him, the enjoyment was in the chase and the successful capture of the particular photo. Once they were "in the can", he had no interest in promoting them, preferring to file them on his computer and look through them as the mood took him.

Michael gets up at about 5 in the morning, camouflages himself and his equipment, and then wanders off across his own field and often across our field in search of today’s quarry. He is usually home in time for breakfast at about 8 am.
He has always explained that the best time to take wildlife photos is as the sun is early in the morning.
He now has a vast collection of photos taken over the years in this little part of France. At present the quarry he seeks is a Sanglier, (Wild Boar) which he has never yet seen whilst out photographing.

These photos of a deer were taken in our field a couple of months ago.

I fed him well!!!!! With both food and wine, and he agreed that, whilst he wouldn’t write a blog himself, I was welcome to make a post about him and include some photos.
I have chosen a few of his recent ones and hope that you enjoy them. Please leave your comments to help me persuade Michael that these photos really should be shared around the internet.


chaiselongue said...

These are beautiful photos and your friend really should publish them in some way. In the meantime, we're lucky that he's let you put them on your blog so that we can see them!

Kate said...

Oh, Ian, they are truly wonderful photos and it is amazing for me, here in Australia, to think you have these animals so near your house. I can't wait to join Michael on one of those early morning photography hunts!

Kate said...

ps...I think I might have to spend one night camping under your willow tree!

For The People said...

Wow, those are spectacular shots! Where can I see more!!!!?

Heather said...

All three of the badger photos are beauiful, and the whole idea of having badgers playing around your field is wonderful. We don't have anything like that around my city home, but a pair of roadrunners has moved into our neighborhood, and I see them out prowling for mice and lizards just as if they were out in the high desert.
More photos please!