Monday, June 30, 2008

The Gardeners Friends from Michael


Renard 016


This is the picture of the fox which I had misplaced.  Michael has kindly sent me (another) one.


I think these photos are so stunning that I am simply going to allow you to enjoy them without too much chatter.

 Chauve Souris 01A


I just want to say that, like most of Michael's photos, they were all taken close to our house and garden


Click on any photo to get a bigger image.

 Couleuvre 002



This is a grass snake



      A Toad

 Crapaud 01
 Hirondelle 04A






Praying Mantis

 Mante religieuse
 Mésange Bl 08A  
   Mésange Ch 13A
 Pivert 07A



Green Woodpecker

 Rainette 01  Araig.Crabe 09

Tree Frog


Cassie said...

There are some great photos there. I saw a fox out in broad daylight today. what sort of snake is that.
I hope you dont get lots of them

Kate said...


Veggie Gnome said...

Absolutely fantastic!
Thanks to Michael for the pictures and thanks to you for posting them here. :)

Ian said...

Thanks all.
I'm sure Michael is now reading the blog so he will have seen your comments first hand. However, if not,I will make sure he gets them.
Worry not Cassie, it's just a grass snake and foxes are now pretty common in the UK but it's still unusual to see them in the daytime.

Cassie said...

Hi Ian

We have park trust land that runs down the side of our house and around the back, there is a foxes Den not far away, and most mornings around 2-3am you can see the cubs playing on the grass often just to the front of the house. I often stop and watch them.
But yes it's unusal to see them in the day.
Micheal if you are reading this your pictures are superb, I just love the badgers you are very lucky to see them out and about,the only ones I have seen are dead ones by the side of the road :-(

Greg W said...

Hello, Ian. You have quite a beautiful variety of wildlife around where you garden.
I must tell you I am jealous. I am surrounded by houses, each in its own fenced in yard. The only four legged wildlife I see are cats that run the neighborhood.
Michael is a very good photographer. Thanks to you both for sharing. And thank-you Ian for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed reading yours.