Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My 3 strawberries

I picked my first three strawberries today,18 June 2008. This was quite a surprise as the intention, when I planted them was to promote root growth in this their first season and let them fruit from next year.

Also, when you consider the rainfall and lack of sunshine this year, I didn't really expect any fruit. However, nature knows best and like a lot of females I know, will do what she wants to do.

So here they are, my very first strawberries. There are more on the plants, to follow, if I can get them before the birds or the slugs or the snails or the….

Well done strawberry plants. These are a variety known as marais du bois. I’m also growing gariguette. They are both very popular varieties here in France


ilex said...

Those look fabulous. Such a deep, dense red. Next year's tarts and jam will be incredible.

Ian said...

Thanks ilex. let me see, that's 1 strawberry for a tart and two for jam!!! hmmmm lovely. I'm pretty pleased with them though. I'm out for dinner this evening but I don't think 3 strawberries will go between the four of us, sadly. Maybe, in yoghurt, for breakfast??