Friday, June 6, 2008

Cakes, pastries and all things good

I recently posted a picture to accompany something I was writing about cherries. It was a picture of a clafoutis a delicious cherry tart made in this part of France. After I posted it I was surprised at the amount of comments the pie got! After all, this is a gardening blog!!

Then, today, I went to my friend Kate’s blog Hills and Plains Seedsavers

And lo and behold she had also posted a picture of a cake. In this case it was a cake she had been given on a visit to see the gnomes who write the blog The Mad Gnomes Strike Again

The article was lovely, but what really attracted my attention were the two comments. There were 8 photos in Kate’s piece. That is because she is much better at digital photography than I am. One day I will find something I am better at than her!

So, I visited her page, there were two comments on a piece with 8 photos…. And both comments mentioned the one picture of a cake

I just thought that maybe our respective blogs are becoming not just veggie oriented, not even food oriented but distinctly cake oriented. Don’t get me wrong, I have no complaints about this at all. Austrian apple cake, French clafoutis cherry tart – who cares where the next cake comes from, just roll it right in here please.

Tomorrow is Saturday and in the morning I shall be making my weekly visit to the lovely market at Villereal. I'm going to take my camera, as I do every week. I'm going to take some photos, as I try to every week. I'm hoping this time I will have something to show you, as I also do every week. Wish me luck.


Kate said...

Who was it, again, who said "Life is good" ??

Maggie said...

In Adelaide their are no really good cake shops or patisserie. Melbourne has Browns and Brunetti, but Adelaide nothing that tastes like a real choux with a rich pastry cream, blackforest cake, linzer torte or even a homemade butter orange cake.
So if you don't bake it most of us don't eat much cake. Hence when one appears, there is a big explanation, WE HAVE CAKE!
Kate and her garden group have cake for their morning tea each week and she has bought some of her cakes to our gatherings, they are pretty good. I notice Kate has added lots of her recipes in our Gastronomy link.

Kate said...

Hey Maggie, what's this 'pretty good' thing?? 'Bloody good', I think you mean! Or 'exceptionally outrageously delicious'.

OK Ian, I am back from camping and expecting to see those photos of all the yummy things AND of your garden. Silence all round! Luckily I have lots to say to make up for you.