Sunday, June 29, 2008

More from Michael



Doryphore 01

I posted this a couple of days ago but am still mastering complicated things and it didn't look too good.  Thanks to some helpful advice from other bloggers, I think this is better.



I posted some pictures taken by my friend Michael the other day .





He has been so impressed by all the nice comments that he has decided to give me some more photos to use on this blog.



Michael called this set of photos Enemies of the Gardener.


Mulot 02


Chevreuil 48B


I hope you all enjoy these photos.


Click on any picture to see an enlarged version



They were all taken within a few hundred metres of where I live and garden


Corneille 002


Puceron 03




And another BIG thank you to Michael for letting me use them

Please leave a comment if you enjoy them and maybe I can persuade Michael to let us see some more.




Sauterelle 6A


Pie 04A

 Escargot 01



Kate said...

So great to see that so much beautiful life is thriving where you live, Ian. What special photos these are.

Ian said...

Hi Kate, we do get some pretty amazing wildlife here as you'll discover in a few months time. There are some amazing birds and I'm hoping to get Michael to put together a small collection for here. Lots of birds of prey around too, some quite unusual ones. Sadly, I'm having difficulty finding out the English names for so much of it as they are, of course, all known by their French names here. Some of the birds of prey are so spectaacular they often make me think of Huggly

Kate said...

Oh dear. Now why would that be? Does that dreadful creature ever catch its prey?

Heather said...

What stunning views of our world. Or rather, your world, since unfortunately my world doesn't include green woodpeckers and foxes. I do have a mockingbird who gives long concerts every dy and dive-bombs the cat periodically.