Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yaĉon - an update

 yaconl Back in January, Patrick of Bifurcated Carrots sent me a couple of Yaĉon tubers.

I potted them up as instructed and subsequently, one of the tubers germinated and then, a few weeks ago, the first leaves appeared in the pot.

However the second tuber showed no sign of life.

The first tuber has continued to grow and as you can see is now a healthy plant just waiting for any chance of frost to pass before getting out into the big wide world.

I kept this one watered and checked daily to make sure conditions were right for the second...but nothing


this morning, when, comme d'habitude, I watered big brother and there, just peeping out into the daylight were the tiniest pair of leaves.

So Yaĉon the baby brother has made it and hopefully will catch up with his big brother in the big wide world in just a week or two.


Kate said...

Well... after all this time! You do have such patience. Good luck with them.

Patrick said...

I'm glad the second one made it.

Someone else just sent me an email and told me something similar. She said the growing tip broke off of one tubers I sent in the mail, but she planted it anyway. For a long time nothing happened, but a few days ago it started growing.

I guess you just need to have a little patience...

I have a new kind of yacón this year, with red roots. If you like this one and want to try another, I can send you some of the new one. Frank in Belgium says he has at least one other kind, and maybe even a forth one as well. I guess in a couple of years these will start making the rounds too.