Monday, December 22, 2008

A Walk in the Garden

It's now almost 3 weeks since I had my operation and today, I'm pleased to say, I was able to take my first tentative steps back out into my garden.

I'm still not very strong and only managed to walk for about 10 minutes but I was out in the fresh air and enjoyed it a great deal.

It's been particularly wet here in November and December and I was very surprised at the number of mushrooms flourishing under the trees.

It was raining gently and I soaked up the feeling of at last being able to, once again, enjoy the garden.

A red squirrel played as I walked.

It's going to be a few more weeks before I can actually get out and do any work in the garden but it was nice, today, to get out there again and start to plan for 2009, a year of change for me.

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Veggie Gnome said...

Ian, all the best for your recovery! Take it easy. I am sure you will find your garden very therapeutic, even if you only walk in there for a few minutes.
May you have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy and healthy new year! :)