Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Stay in Hospital

Ian has asked me to put a post here explaining that he is in hospital, recovering from a recent operation on his foot. 

It has gone well but recovery is expected to be slow. Consequently, he may not be able to post for a few weeks or until French hospitals and health  centres get wi-fi! 

Now, I wrote before about the lack of clocks in airports...well, it is a disgrace that French hospitals don't have do they expect bloggers to carry on with their lives without it?

All the best Ian..... take care and come home soon.


Patrick said...

Hi Ian, I hope the foot gets better soon! I'll be looking forward to when you're able to post again.

chaiselongue said...

All the best, Ian. Get well soon and start posting again!

Heather said...

Ian, come back! It's reached the point where I can't look at the moon without thinking about you! Hope you have a very speedy recovery, Heather