Thursday, December 18, 2008

Little Victories

Some months ago my good friend Kate over on Hills and Plains Seedsavers wrote a piece about Little Victories and over the past couple of weeks, whilst I have been unexpectedly hospitalised, I have thought about that piece and about the Beccy Cole song, which I adore, a great deal.

Kate says how important Little Victories are to life and happiness and I have measured, and continue to measure my illness and subsequent recovery with Little Victories.

I had a serious operation on my foot under a local anaesthetic where just the lower half of my body was anaesthetised and my first Little Victory, was, in the recovery room when I, at last, was able to move one of my legs a little again.   Then, subsequently, I had the Little Victory of regaining movement in both legs and being returned to my room.

I particularly remember the Little Victory on the day the nurses took out the IV from my wrist, freeing me to move without trailing a rack of bottles behind me....

And then, after another few days, I had the Little Victory of being discharged from hospital into a convalescent home.

I was taken by an ambulance car and on the way I remember the Little Victory of having a nice chat with my driver...  Of course, he didn't speak any English so we conducted the chat in French, which is still a foreign language to me.

Then the convalescent home decided I was well enough to go out each day for a couple of hours and I started to come back home, although some days there was hardly time for a cup of tea before I had to return but it was nice to be out in the world again.....another Little Victory

And yesterday, I was discharged from the convalescent home and I returned home...the biggest Little Victory for me....

I'm still not fully recovered and will have to take things very easily for another month or so.  However, I will try and get back to walking in my garden and to writing about it.

I would like to thank Kate for posting the piece to let you all know where I had gone and also for writing about her Little Victories and introducing me to the Beccy Cole song.

A line from the Beccy Cole song goes:

You can see the Little Victories shining in their eyes..

Well, it's the Little Victories that have helped me feel whole again and are shining in my eyes

Thank you Beccy Cole and thank you Kate


chaiselongue said...

Good to hear that you're home, Ian. Hope the recovery continues with lots more Little Victories! Joyeuses fĂȘtes!

Maggie said...

Hi Ian I am glad you are home and well again.
I too have a good friend called Kate, she too loves gardening and encouraging every one to grow there own veggies.