Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spring Water in Spring

Saturday morning brought another visit to Villereal market, and this week, the first Saturday in May, brought a big increase in the numbers of people there.  It seems to me, that this year, the arrival of the normal summer crowds has been somewhat delayed....   Last week, the weather was awful and the market was all but deserted, with a few hardy traders trying to make a living from even fewer shoppers.   But today, the sunshine was back,  the crowds were back and the market had a great buzz.
On the way home from market I often stop at my local "source" to fill a couple of bottles.  A "source" is a natural spring and there is one in our little community.  The water bubbles out of the rock at the back of a small cave and can be collected at the entrance to the cave, as people have done for many hundreds of years

The water is so crystal clear and tastes wonderful.  This photograph shows just how clear the water is, although it really doesn't do justice to the place as it is difficult to even see the water is present although, here, it is actually about 500mm (18") deep.

It is in a beautiful spot, overlooking the valley and I usually park in the village square and then walk past the 12th century church and down the track towards the "source" enjoying some fabulous scenery on the way.

Once there, I can fill a couple of containers and then sit for a moment, under the shade of a big old chestnut tree and drink in, not the refreshing water, but the peace and tranquility of this idyllic spot.

Sitting in the sunshine, I often think of times gone bye and imagine people, hundreds of years ago, in this same spot, resting their horses and filling their water carriers.


Maggie said...

Sounds lovely Ian.

Kate said...

One of the most beautiful places I have ever been, Ian. There is magic in the air there, and no doubt in the water too.

chaiselongue said...

What a beautiful spring. The atmosphere must be wonderful. In Gabian our spring, the Resclauze, provides water for the gardens and mains water for the whole village, but it isn't as pretty as this one! The French word 'source' is a good one, I think, as a spring is the source of more than water.

Ian said...

Maggie, it truly is as lovely as it sounds.

chaiselongue, I'm hoping to include a trip to this spring during the Fun in September so you'll get to see it then...

and yes Kate, you can feel the magic dust in the air when you sit on the bench there

Liz said...

Your use of the spelling 'bye' transformed your entry...poetic!