Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blogger's Seed Network

Patrick over on Bifurcated Carrots has for some time been promoting an idea of his to create a seed network.

The idea is simple, anyone who grows vegetables and then saves the seeds can exchange any spare seeds they may end up with.

The seed network is promoted by the individual growers and how the exchanges happen is entirely up to those growers.

DSC_0015 I've only been growing vegetables for just a year now but am happy to say that I have received many seeds from seed savers in many parts of the world.  Patrick himself has been very generous with his support of my first attempts to grow things edible.

Sadly, at this time, I don't have any seeds to offer of my own, but I am now growing seed saved from last year's crop and hoping it will turn out ok.   If this happens then I shall happily participate by offering my own seeds as part of the network in the future.

More information on the Blogger's Seed Network is available from Patrick on his page Blogger's Seed Network.

For reasons I fully understand, Patrick has asked everyone concerned to make the list of participants widely known and so here is the list, taken from his page on 12th February 2009

Of course, Patrick is also offering a large selection of seeds, with more information on his page Blogger's Seed Network

The Seed Network

Here are links to other blogs or Internet sites who are participating and I am aware of:

Bifurcated Carrots (Amsterdam)

Ewa in the Garden (Poland)

Spade Work (UK)

Mas Du Diable (France)

Alternative Kitchen Garden Podcast or Fluffius Muppetus (UK)

MustardPlaster (UK)

Lusthof (Garden of Eden) (Belgium)

A Thinking Stomach (USA)

The Veggie Patch Re-imagined (Canada)

The Cats Tripe (UK)

Soilman (Leeks, trumpet lily hybrids and pure regale species) (UK)

CityGarden (Greece)

Bishop’s Homegrown (USA)

Braamekraal Farm (South Africa)

Bifurcated Carrots (Netherlands)

Urban Food Gardening (Ireland)

Worldwide Seed Trader (USA)

Grunt and Grungy’s Garden (Canada)

The Seed Ambassadors Project (USA)

Jardim com Gatos (Portugal)

Lowarth Brogh — Offering round courgette, anna schwarz winter squash, rainbow quinoa, mexican sour gherkin and maybe some black cherry tomato seed. Interested in anything used to the cold, and anything strange,exotic(and tasty-not asking for much!) (UK)

Gardening Fool (USA)

Agrarian Grrl’s Muse (Canada)

Crazytomato (Netherlands)

Paquebot (USA)

Saith Ffynnon Farm (UK)

Blue Ribbon Tomatoes (USA)

Daphne (flat leafed parsley and dill.  US addresses only) (USA)

Brown Envelope Seeds (Looking for trades!) (Ireland)

A Blog Called Fuggles (UK/EU addresses only) (UK)

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Patrick said...

Thanks Ian!

I hope everything goes well with the garden this year, and of course it would be great if you joined the network when you have seeds to share.

Hope your foot is doing well too!

I was just at my plot today. Never mind the snow! It was nice to get out in a garden a little.