Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A day at the beach

I've written a lot about Autumn arriving just lately...  Temperatures dropping into single figures.... early morning mist casting a softness across the garden etc....

My sister in law is staying with us for a few days and yesterday expressed a desire to go to the's about a 2 hour run in the car....

IMG_0184So we packed up a pic-nic and set off yesterday morning to one of my favourite local beaches near Lacanau on the Atlantic Ocean

As I have said recently, Autumn is fairly swooping in to this part of France, which is why at about midday I was able take this picture of a beautiful abandoned beach....  In fact the temperature was very pleasant and my sister in law managed a good couple of hours sunbathing and swimming.

This is not actually the Atlantic Ocean but is a beach on the largest lake  in France which lies just a few kilometres behind the dunes bordering the Atlantic and nestles in amongst the great pine forest of the Medoc region...famous for it's wine

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