Tuesday, February 18, 2014

More about the Nesting Box

nesting box

Sitting out on the terrace with my early morning cup of tea, this morning, I noticed a dirty mark below the hole on the new nesting box.   A closer look revealed that it was in fact the tail feathers of a tit that had gone into the box.    I watched for a while as the tit poked it’s head in and out,looked around and then went back into the box.  A short while later, It came back out and flew off.

I don’t know much about the habits of tits when looking for nesting sites but I’m hopeful that my box wil prove attractive to one and am reassured by this early visit.

I have also hung 5 different bird feeders in my fig tree, all of which I can see from my chair on the terrace and all of which I enjoy watching.NNBW-logo   It mainly seems to be great tits and coal tits visiting at the moment, but that might simply be that they are the birds I recognise.

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