Monday, March 22, 2010

Another week??

I can't believe that another week has passed.

Most of it has still been spent dealing wqith things domestic and also, our first guests of the 2010 holiday season.   They arrived last Tuesday and, luckily, that was the day when the icy cold weather suddenly turned much milder.

I'm still having to resolve problems caused by an electrical fault which is also taking a lot of my time.

However, I have at last been able to start to get out into the garden and attack a few projects. 

The bed where I had sown broad beans back in November, has now been turned over and all the dead beans worked back into the soil.  I'm hoping to sow some new beans in a day or two.

I've also been taking cuttings of my Forsythia bush in the hope that they will produce some new young shrubs for me.  I took cuttings last March and now have three healthy little spurs of Forsythia, all of which have flowered

I didn't do too well with my geraniums over this winter.  I took them in as I always do but they mostly seem to have given up on the quest for life during this past hard winter.   I have sown some marigold seeds in the hope they will grow.  I've never managed to grow Marigolds but I am an eternal optimist, so, of course, I just know these two pots will thrive


Kate said...

I am so glad the forsythia cuttings we took have survived and thrived. They are a beautiful plant. Good luck with the rest.

Kitty said...

I lost every one of my Geraniums over winter. The scented Pelargoniums are the only ones that made it, and only because I brought them inside, into my my kitchen.

Good luck with your projects and I hope the weather holds up for you. Here, in Central Brittany, it is grey, damp and forecast rain for the foreseeable future!