Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And it snowed again


hugging tree

Yesterday I published Michael's photo of a penguin.  Well, the penguin obviously knew something that the rest of us hadn't realised, as this morning we awoke to a good covering of snow.

About 75mm (3") had fallen overnight.

cherry tree

  This is a lot of snow for this part of France where you can go for many years seeing nothing more than a heavy frost and in the almost 5 years I have lived in this part of the world, this is the most snow I have seen here.


garden 2
leeks and onions I love the snow and enjoy to walk in it.   I don't suppose the covering will last for long so I'm celebrating, what is for me, a rare treat. walnut tree


chaiselongue said...

Yes, that penguin obviously had seen the weather forecast! It looks very pretty. Even here we have snow forecast for tomorrow. It probably won't settle, but this year has been so strange that it may. I hope not - I like to see other people's photos of it and keep my distance from the cold! Happy new year!

Melinda said...

Beautiful! It has snowed here (in the Northwestern US) 3 times already this winter - very unusual. We had one whole week of snowy streets, where the whole city shut down and people snowshoed, skied, and sledded down the streets!! Beautiful, but very strange.

Kate said...

Oh Ian, how beautiful....it takes my breath away! I have spent 2 weeks at the beach, swimming and walking and enjoying our unusually mild summer with day time temps between 25 and 30C.
Interesting to read of snow in Seattle, Melinda. I wonder how the P-Patches are coping!
And snow forecast for chaiselongue too! Sometimes we get snow a few kms from my house, on the top of the hills but it never lasts.

Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful. Love the photos.