Thursday, October 2, 2008


Maggie from Hills and Plains Seedsavers left a comment on here the other day saying that I should have more herbs, and her comments came back into my mind as I went to buy some Broad Bean seeds so I also picked up some chervil.

herbs I grow all my herbs in pots and don't have a huge amount of success with them but I manage to keep a few growing.   The pots are situated just off the terrace which is a few steps from the kitchen.  I'm thinking of creating a new herb bed right next to where the pots are at the moment and maybe I'll get that established over the next week or two....

At the moment I have garden mint, peppermint, savory, dill,  chives, basil and now chervil growing.  In the garden, there is also some purslane growing as a weed, which I need to start to learn to identify....  Kate showed me a patch of it the other day, whilst she was here....

IMG_0253All over my garden I have lavender plants.... Mainly French Lavender...  I have some growing alongside the terrace and a large bed of it a bit further away, down the bottom by the woodpile and compost heap.


Maggie said...

Great Ian, a herb rock garden is a great way to start.
You make a circle of rocks, add soil, another smaller circle of rocks on top of the soil and then another smaller circle and more soil. Then you plant it up. Spreading tough herbs like thyme, oregano go at the bottom. Then higher up you add sage, chives etc then at the top, herbs that need more water like chervil, tarragon, lemongrass, parsley.
Like you I am a novice gardener but I hope you understand the concept.
Mint loves a bit of shade in summer and lots of water. It is very invasive so I suggest a separate mint patch. We had some in our veggie patch and we are still trying to get rid of it.

Kate said...

I used your garden mint in the mussel risotto I cooked and bought you the peppermint plant and I love your little collection of herbs, Ian.

Maggie said...

I just found the perfect type of garden for your herbs. Check out the 5 posts for a spiral garden on Ottawa Hortiphilia
or a post on the 19th of June at Gardeners Anonymous blog.