Friday, May 16, 2008


Some weeks ago the idea of a kind of international food growing bloggers get together was mooted. It was a kinda fun thing that grew out of various conversations by some blog writers, Patrick in Amsterdam, Kate in Adelaide and myself.

Well things have been quietly going on in the backstreets of the towns and countries around the world and I’m pleased to report that there are now Food Growing Bloggers Get Togethers planned for the next few years.

They kick off this year with events on August 24. There will be several events on the same day, one in France (mine), one in Adelaide, Australia and one in Lexington. Others will come to light as news floods in!

August 24th was chosen as the start day for this exciting new series of event because, as many of you will know, it’s Kitchen Garden Day, a day set aside to celebrate home grown food with neighbours from near and far.

Shortly after that, Patrick at Bifurcated Carrots looks like he is going to have an event on September 20 in Oxfordshire, England. He is still working on the details so keep an eye on his blog for the latest update

I also read a comment from Pattie at FoodShed Planet recently saying she might try and organise a get together in Atlanta, Georgia, USA on the same day (August 24th) so if your in that part of the world, nag her to do something about it!

As mentioned above, I havae heard that in Lexington, Kentucky, USA there will be a local event with people sharing a meal.

If anyone else knows of any other similar events then please leave a comment on here and I’ll gladly add them to my next update.

I’d like to take a moment to thank Kate from Hills and Plains Seed Savers. All this international activity is down to herself. She is the one person who floated the idea, kicked a couple of the rest of us to support her and now we are seeing events world wide. Thanks Kate and Well Done

Your idea has really taken off, with events now planned in Australia, England, France and by the look of it Atlanta this year, another one in France already planned for September 2009 and Maine, USA planned for September 2011


If you would like to attend any of these events then make contact through the appropriate blog.


Kate said...

Thanks Ian. I am really looking forward to seeing what happens in the 4 countries concerned this year. Who knows what this will lead to in the future. Life is know the rest!

chaiselongue said...

Good to hear you're organising a food bloggers get together, Ian. I knew I wouldn't be able to get to the Australian one, but should be free on 24th Aug. Can you let me know more about it please?

Laura said...

Great idea Ian and I would love to attend BUT August would be out of the question for us.
I live not so far from you, as the crow flies, in Languedoc, so you probably know it gets very hot and dry in July-August and I don't leave it.

Hope to read about how the event goes. Wish I could be there.

ilex said...

I'll be there, with bells on.

Ian said...

Hi all and thanks for your comments.
Laura, I'm sorry you won't be able to make it but ubderstand the reason. Next year, 2009, I'm holding a global event here in September (weekend of 19/20) so maybe that will be better for you. People are coming from as far away as the US and Australia.

ilex, Your going to come with bells on huh? Are you familiar with British traditional Morris Dancing? Take a look at Morris dancing

Laura said...

Great stuff Ian
September would be great, we could all bring seeds to swap!

Meantime have a great event -
I had a look on a map to check where you are and we are not that far apart I am on the other side of the Cevennes a little further south. So there's just the mountains between us, a 7 -10 hour drive I would guess.

Maybe not so impossible - so do send me details for this years event.

Ian said...

Hi Laura,
Not even that far, my computer tells me that Alés is only a 5 hour drive. If you send me an email I'll reply. It's easier to communicate and I'll send you all the details for both this year and next.